Throwback Thursday – Kamehameha COLLAB! – New EDIT OUT NOW! – Vol 7


Last week, I’d dug up some super old photos from one of the first photo shoots I did in costume! Like I’ve said before I didn’t even know what cosplaying was, but I was dressing up in my Halloween costumes at random times of the year! I had these taken a day after Halloween, I was begging to get these shots, after all, I had just mastered the feat of putting all of my hair on top of my head! GO GOT@B GLUED! (sadly the next time I did it 6 years later, it was not with the same finesse, but I do hope to try once more soon… my hair is longer….)

This edit is a little different then any other I’ve done – I HAD HELP!!! The lovely Tonakuma was so kind in assisting me when I couldn’t get a setting just right in my program!

I am extremely thankful for my amazing friends!!! I hope you enjoy this collab! (For more behind the scenes on this photo and many other spoilers, become a Patron today!)

Hope you enjoy!

Much Love – SarahTonin

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