Saturday Spam – Have I been Pwned – IS this a Legit Site – Vol 9, otherwise known as HIBP, is a free service a man named Troy Hunt created in an effort to help identify data breaches across the web. It does not show passwords, but shows if your email has been exposed in data breaches. Many people have speculated whether this is a safe site or not, but Troy Hunt is a trusted face on the net, who explained in the link above as to why he created it and how it can’t be used for evil.

Sadly, sometimes these aren’t even breaches, but rather sites selling your information. Even Neopets, back in 2016, was caught selling information!

So now what?! If sites sell my data, or someone breaches it, what can I do to protect myself?! Keep your passwords changed regularly, don’t have the same password for every account, enable 2-step security where possible, and keep regular tabs on this site. If you see your info being exposed, a quick google search might bring forward either a hack or a sell-out!

Stay safe out there friends!!! – SarahTonin

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