Wednesday Wonderment – BEST OF BC – Vol 16

Having the privilege of growing up in Beautiful British Columbia, I’m always amazed at the beauty around me! There’s so much to see and explore! However, after 30 years, you think I’d have seen all of these places, but Here is a list of ten MUST SEE places in BC, according to HelloBC.Com, and I’ve only been to *** of them!

  1. Haida Gwaii – I haven’t been! But I hope someday!
  2. Vancouver – Ah the concrete jungle
  3. Canadian Rockies – What a gorgeous range!
  4. Great Bear Rainforest – Also haven’t been!
  5. Whistler – I’ve been to BIG WHITE…but not Whistler…YET!
  6. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – Why haven’t I gone here yet?!
  7. Alaska Highway – I really should go up there one of these days…I have a buddy to visit!
  8. Victoria – I WENT HERE! While it was rather brief, the island is where I picked up my two fur babies, Sir Kelmister & Lady Corn Corn!
  9. Okanagan Valley – I GREW UP HERE – That’s gotta count for extra points or something lol
  10. Kootenay Ski Towns – I actually skied first in the Kootenay’s so this makes me smile!

How many of these have you been too?? Comment below!

-Much love – SarahTonin

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