Tuesday Tips – Inhibiting Microsoft from Stealing Your Information – Vol 15

I’ve never liked Windows 10. Ever since it started auto-updating on it’s own without any warning, making me lose countless chunks of data, I’ve set about to try to stop it’s over-reach. I am able to stop my computer from Auto-updating, using the registry, however, my laptop (Which was originally Windows 7, and when Windows 10 was released, I was given a free upgrade) I’ve been unable to turn this function off, UNLESS I disconnect it from the internet. This tells me that somewhere, a signal is being sent to push the update, however, I’m still not entirely sure why I could fix one and not the other…the only difference is my PC is newer then my laptop….

That being said, something far more troubling then an auto update is the amount of information Microsoft scoops up from your day to day use on your PC. This includes but is not limited to any photos and documents, or characters typed into your PC. Sometimes my PC slows down to a crawl, and the only thing that’s using my RAM is Windows itself….super sus…

I went through all of their security & privacy features when I first installed Windows 10, it has changed so much since, when I redid my PC, the amount of new things they had jammed into their privacy policies was almost sickening. I constantly go into the privacy and security settings and have to turn off all of the switches they’ve turned back on. (I highly suggest you look through these settings, for more information on that, click here!)

I’ve found a program that for the small fee of 10 Euros (about 14.50 CAD) you can block most of this intrusion of your privacy. Spy Bot Anti-Beacon is a beautiful little tool, of which I found a decent explanation below:

The more I read into this today as I created this article, the more I’m reminded of how quickly I need to move off of the Windows platform entirely. It’s a nerve-wracking decision to switch to LINUX, not knowing if all my programs will work and learning a new operating system is always a challenge, but I feel that the unjust treatment of our data via Microsoft has to change before I can feel safe using their products again.

Stay safe out there!

– #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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