The ‘Sound of Music’

We live in a neat time, as we are one of the few generations to hear the same song our grandparents did, in EXACTLY it’s same melody, for example, Elvis ranged from 1953-1977, and ‘The Sound of Music’ out since 1965. Here’s a track by my friend The Inquisitive Giraffe that allows you a little […]


Clean Pj’s or ripped jeans?

So we’re walking out of Doc’s the other night, and a half cut lady in her mid forties asks Todd in disgust ‘Why are you wearing pajamas? And a tail??’ To which he responded almost immediately ‘Why are you wearing ripped jeans? Did you rip them yourself doing hard work?’ Taken aback, she collected her […]


The Curious Cafe

“This is a curious cafe, as in the fact that it curiously doesn’t let you order a muffin, bagel or a coffee without sitting down.  I was greeted with a smile by a lady sweeping outside, to whom I directed my question if I could get a bagel to go.  She responded sweetly with a […]