2021 SarahTonin – freyja91t PREMIERE LINK

Whilst there was some mild hiccups with getting this video online today, the stars have aligned and I’ve got this video up! Premiere is set for 2 PM PST!!!! WOOHOO I managed to finish this in the first week of 2022, premiering it on the first day of the second full week of 2022!! And […]


SarahTonin Christmas Album – Draft 1

Well I know this is a bit after Christmas…but I thought I’d share some laughs with Ya’ll! For those of you who were a part of my final Tombraider 1 stream, you know what’s in store…I’ve clipped out the very special SarahTonin Christmas Album, written by Rj Otadoy, ie Lazer_rex32 (twitch) also known as tetsu_canuckles […]