The Privileges of Modern Day Communication

Last year Facebook asked me what’s on my mind, and when it came up in my memories, I thought I’d share my thoughts from then.

Social media, and and other forms of networking.
-How they changed how we get to know one another.

In our modern era, the topics of ‘How dangerous social media can be’ and ‘You don’t really know who is on the other end’ are very prominent. I’m not denying cons such as the ones mentioned above, but I’d like to show some pros on the matter.

I sometimes (most times *cough*) have a problem expressing myself out loud, often leading people to confusion of what I am trying to say.

The capability to type out a sentence, look it over, maybe reword, then hit send and have our words travel instantly around the globe is something we did not have in the past. With our safety net of technology, it allows us to feel comfortable in expressing our innermost thoughts. Through this we are able to deliberate our thoughts in almost essay like texts, emails and posts that let others see things they may never have been able to hear from you in person, as sometimes certain topics can be to personal to say outloud.

Also, as a busy gal, with a lot of hard working busy friends, (whom I appreciate so much but sadly never get to spend the quality time I wish with each one of them), having the ability to open up Facebook, and see them enjoying themselves and loving life, is thrilling!!! And when one is feeling down, being able to send one a message, or post a word of encouragement, even if our lives our too busy to arrange a face to face, we still get to keep in touch.

And well…Facebook asked…;-)

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