Radio Stations Definition of Variety

Recently two of our radio stations have been revamped, one being bought out completely by Kelowna’s Castanet, and the other revamped and renamed by management. The latter has changed over solely to 80’s and 90’s music, but sadly, it’s already starting to sound repetitive!

I’ve sent the following in, and let’s see where it gets us! 🙂 Hold on to your hats Kelowna, and let’s hope for some more nostalgic songs to come across our radio waves, then just the common known songs.

Good Morning,

I have been extremely pleased with this stations newest selection of music. But sadly, just as every other station, this one seems to be playing the same set of songs from the 80-90s. I’m going to be extremely frank, can we please not have the same songs repeating all week long? Already people are groaning when I turn this station on, and it will soon become just another station that plays no variety. Variety doesn’t mean 200 songs played over and over. There are 24 hours in a day, which means there should be at least 300-400 songs played a day, which means there should be at least 2100 songs in your list. This shouldn’t be that hard, as in 1981 alone, 380ish albums were released.

If this radio station plans to stay successful, and not just be another station gone to the way-side, please stop repeating songs within reason.

Thank you!

Update November 23rd 2017

-I received an email response right away from the Program Director, though I wanted the time to put some thought into my answer. His response was an explanation in the science of music, which ended with an open invitation to provide the songs I would like to see in their playlists, and ‘Maybe we can get some on the air.’

“To be honest – we have about 400 active songs in our playlist, and over the week some of them will play 12-15 times, this is on par with our competitors. The thing is, as much as I personally love some deeper cuts myself, the historical fact is the majority of listeners want to hear those big songs more often, statistically the average listener will hear the ‘big songs’ 2 times a week (by design) and believe it or not; they tune out when we start to get to play too much variety, if we played 2000 songs actively we would be floating around the bottom of the ratings. To be fair we aren’t claiming to be a ‘variety’ station but we do play a pretty wide variety, considering.

“There is a reason there aren’t true variety stations – you and I are in the lower percentile of people with a great love of lots of different songs, however we have to program to the majority, as all the other stations do.”

This response shed light onto something related I see daily, but never understood. Some people may know the tunes, or know a few of the words, but unless they are really into that artist, they don’t subconsciously pick up the words then listen to them, or their meaning until someone else points it out.

I appreciate the insight given, and now every time I hear a repeat…I know why…

Update July 6th 2021 

For that small percentile of people, who really like to hear more then the everyday repeats, check out True Sound’s Track of the day Spotify Playlist Below!

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