Tuesday Tips – Vol 1

Well – I meant to post this way earlier this morning but the day completely got carried away! (Ethan and I start a new job tomorrow as a Set Decorator and we had to make sure our ducks were in a row!) That being said….I ran across a cool tip today whilst running some errands and thought it was a great idea to share!

Sending mail can be an expensive things these days in Canada, but if you can make your parcel small enough to slide through a mail slot – you’ll cut costs HUGELY! I know this only works for smaller items, but spread it out the size of which ever envelope fits it all, and then tape it together so it doesn’t shift around! Then ask them to try using their special little mail measurer and VIOLA!! It will range from 1-3 dollars instead of breaking the bank!

I’ve tried to find it one the Canada Post website but it makes no mention of this little tool they use, but I’ve seen it at every location I’ve been too, and I believe the size is either 3/4 of an inch or 1 inch….


Hope this makes your life a bit easier!

Much loves – #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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