Tuesday Tips – Waste Not Want Not! – Vol 7

So remember last week, I let you in on the tip my sister gave me in regards to making a perfect cup of coffee? Remember those coffee grounds we scoop out of the French Press? Set them aside and let them cool, then add these grounds to your plants soil. (Be sure to mix it […]


Tuesday Tips – Vol 3

Perspectives are a funny thing – if you perception of perfection is high, you’ll always be greatly disappointed. However, if your perception of perfection is humans striving hard to reach perfection, and remember we are only human, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.. Hope this makes your perspective in life a bit easier! Much loves – #Stayawesome […]


Tuesday Tips – Vol 1

Well – I meant to post this way earlier this morning but the day completely got carried away! (Ethan and I start a new job tomorrow as a Set Decorator and we had to make sure our ducks were in a row!) That being said….I ran across a cool tip today whilst running some errands […]