Saturday Spam – Stat Canada Phone Calls – Vol 10

Last year, I around the beginning of October 2021, I started receiving calls from Stat Canada, saying they had a mandatory census to complete over the phone. I first received a call from this phone number 18664488030 stating it was statistics Canada at 8 PM PST. I found this extremely odd as I know that […]


Tuesday Tips – Vol 1

Well – I meant to post this way earlier this morning but the day completely got carried away! (Ethan and I start a new job tomorrow as a Set Decorator and we had to make sure our ducks were in a row!) That being said….I ran across a cool tip today whilst running some errands […]


Saturday-Spam – Vol 1

I’m starting a new series to be posted on Saturdays, explaining any new Spams/Scams I’ve come across! If you have any information regarding Spams/Scams and would like to have it appear here, please send me that information and advise what social profile you’d like linked, your name, or if you wish to stay anonymous! I’ve […]