I’m switching gears from Spam/Scam calls, to Spam/Scam emails! Have you ever gotten an email that feels like you’ve had a conversation with someone whose name you don’t recognize, but….you don’t remember having it?? (NO NO I’m not talking about random messages you get after a night out LOL) I hope you haven’t answered them back or clicked on links, as this is a scam tactic that is used to fish for information, or trying to sell fake products or provide a fake services.

Back when I worked for the hospital, I received an email that was quite interesting, a person asking follow-up questions like we had had a conversation, but I knew I had not….I don’t ever click on links within emails I don’t trust, and I was always super cautious with any email that came through flagged by the email system as ‘originated outside of the company’. After a brief read, I sent it off to the IT department to ensure it was dealt with properly. I also looked up this phone number, it says it’s in Ontario, and it’s a Finance Planning business, not a staffing company….See below for the email, which I didn’t put in a quote block this time so you can see the way this was sent, however, I italicized it, as they didn’t use italics.

CAUTION: This email originated from outside of **. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.

Hi Sarah,

Hope you are doing great! I am following up to see if there are any potential opportunities for me at this time? We are very much interested in speaking to you to discuss our service offering in more detail. Please advise what day and time suits you the best for a quick 30 minutes call this week or early next week?

We are a Staffing Company and our main business is to provide IT, Engineering, Light Industrial, Non IT & Professional talent. We are very much familiar with the process of VMS and MSP as we are currently working with MSP’s like Randstad Sourceright, Tapfin, Kelly Services, Guidant Group, etc. through VMS like People fluent, Shiftwise, IQN, Field glass, Beeline, etc.

We are filling below positions for our current clients (GE Healthcare, Humana, Retirement Concept, BJC Healthcare and many more) all over Canada and US.

Light Industrial & Functional: LPN, RN, Respiratory Therapist, Clinical Service Technician, Patient Service Technician, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Bio-Medical Facility Coordinator, Certified Nursing Assistant, LVN, Cath Lab Tech, Clinical Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Technician, Scientist, Cardiac Cath Lab Technician, Speech Language Pathologist, Biologist, Pharmacy Tech, Dietician, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pharmacist, Radiology Technician, Sleep Lab Tech and many more.

Engineering & Technology: Network Analyst, Software Engineer, System Programmer Analyst, IP Network Architect, Network Engineer, Information Security Specialist, Digital Analyst, Applications Support Analyst, Financial Analyst, Credit Risk Analyst, System Analyst, Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, Software Engineer and many more. 

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,

Angela Smith

Business Development

Office: 647-849-1318

For those of you who know my past work, I worked in a scheduling office, so it somehow got ahold of the hospital’s email registry, picked anyone who said staffing, and sent this email off. If I had clicked on the link, our entire private hospital system would have been exposed….

SO! What do you do to prevent your important information from being exposed??

  • Proceed with caution opening emails that come from someone you don’t recognize!
  • Do not click on any links within these emails, they will more then likely contain viruses or a redirect link to something sinister.

Stay safe out there my friends!
– Much love
– SarahTonin

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