Saturday-Spam – WSBHOT – A crypto scam – Vol 5

Well readers! I’m again switching it up and tackling a little bit of a crypto scam – Sadly one I fell for about 9 months ago.

It all started when I was mining for crypto with Nice-Hash (A questionable program I’ve since uninstalled, please look into this yourself, I may cover this later but for now, I cannot stress enough – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!) And I’d been invited to use their discord, and there was a section for giveaways!

Now at that time, the hype was really going with the blockchain, people finding old wallets they’d forgotten about, having bought Bitcoin years ago, in some cases friends and family mocked them for doing so at the time, only to now have so much money they didn’t know what to do with it!

I was also one of those people who had forgotten about a wallet I had, I had completely lost the information as well, but….I never throw out important information….so I managed to stumble upon it whilst reorganizing my files! It gave me about 3.5k that I had no idea was just sitting there!

Let’s get back to this giveaway discord – I entered my name into something and I got a PM stating I’d won, sign up on this site and enter your code to receive 10,000 dollars which would be in bitcoin! The catch was – You had to deposit REAL Bitcoin to withdraw it….

Now this isn’t unnormal to have to input a little before you can use one of these trading platforms, however the amount was 0.003 of a Bitcoin, and it couldn’t just be transferred in separate transfers, it had to be sent all at once. OH and once you sent it in, until your account was verified by this deposit, any money you sent in was now unable to be withdrawn!

Long story short, when I put in the ‘correct amount’ they said it wasn’t enough, and to send more which I stopped at that point. I did get my partner to create another account, so we could transfer within accounts (which we do on other platforms) to see if I could verify that account and send it back out, which when talking to their help desk SHOULD work….but once the transfer was done, they then backpedaled stating the transfer didn’t come from externally, said that wasn’t possible, then froze both accounts for 9999 days, but when I tried to log in it would say I was locked out for 6990 days…..

(WARNING: this site now takes you to BOTH ARE SCAM SITES!!!)

I’m normally EXTREMELY careful & cautious when it comes to this sort of thing, I literally cannot remember the last time I’ve gotten scammed. (If I do, I’ll be sure to update this article and write another one about it!) I was so excited, and a little too trusting, which is a terrible combination when put in the sights of a scammer! I did my research, but evidently not enough, because when my accounts were frozen, I dug into it just a bit deeper and uncovered a reddit post which actually laid it out pretty clearly. (It’s now the top search result on google for the name

So what should you do as a person to ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

  • If something is too good to be true – It probably is! So research the living crap out of it before proceeding!
  • I highly suggest you only use platforms you trust, make sure you know who owns/operates them, and NEVER use a platform that wants more then 500 bucks. (Honestly I’m never going to use one that asks for more then 100 but that’s a personal choice!)
  • Don’t think of Crypto as a get rich quick scheme. ONLY get into crypto if you truly believe in what the block chain as a whole means (OR if you don’t know what block chain is!)
  • Don’t follow ‘Hype Coins’ These are more then likely pump & dump schemes (More on that in the future!)
  • & last but not least – DON’T BUY USD TETHER! (Once again – I’ll expound on this later!)

Stay safe out there my friends!
– Much love
– SarahTonin

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