I know, I know – This SHOULD be a given! However, on Sunday, I went and picked up an item, and the person who I bought it from thanked us for being nice, and that everyone else he’s dealt with on Marketplace has been short, curt and non-personable! This is truly sad and we as a community need to step up our game.

That being said, not only should you be nice, but also, be considerate! Ethan was selling something on Marketplace and someone who had already message previously asking if we could drop off for extra cash, (which we couldn’t as we don’t have a truck) messaged us at 10:30 PM, after we were already in bed, saying ‘ok where is it, I have a truck now’.

He sent the address, and then the person said ‘ok coming’. There was no asking if it was a good time to come so Ethan responded back asking if they could come tomorrow, then when they didn’t answer, he sent another message saying he didn’t say he was available now, but that luckily we were home but we’d need some time to move things around and get the unit out. She responded ‘ok’.

Then a half hour later he messaged asking if they were coming and they said ‘ok thanks.’ Then he asked again, and she responded ‘I only have the truck tonight I’ll leave now’ he then stayed awake till almost midnight when he messaged her asking if she was almost there – no response…

She didn’t respond back till the next day, almost 13 hours later…good news is she did eventually send her partner to come pick it up 8 hours after that, so we sold it!

Moral of the story – be considerate of other people’s time. Facebook marketplace isn’t a store with set hours, it’s people who have lives. Please communicate with people! And when doing so, be nice!

Much loves – #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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