Motivational Mondays – Vol 10

A positive mindset brings positive things.

Phillip Reiter

I’ve had a variety of people in my life, interestingly enough, the most negative people in my life have found me too happy, I was even dubbed the name I go by today due to the fact I was annoying them with my positivity. However, when you look over a negative persons life, you’ll note that while there still may be good things, it just seems to be one thing after the other of negative experiences. And if you’re too close to these people, these experiences will follow you as well.

Now I’m not saying, stay away from negative people, they need friends too. Just don’t become entangled with their negativity, distance yourself when you need to, and when you can offer positive reinforcement do so to encourage them! YOU may be the force that inspires them to change their mindset, but you can’t do that if they’ve changed yours already.

Much love ❣️ – SarahTonin

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