Tuesday Tips – Adding Hug & Love Commands to Twitch – Vol 8

Today’s tip is for my streamer friends, I hope you find this useful!

For those of us who enjoy watching streams, it’s nice to have a bit of interactive fun throughout the stream! With the inability to see friends due to our current global situation, this allows communities to still come together and interact in a virtual setting. As a streamer, it’s nice to have your viewers engage more, so to do this, streamers are constantly looking for new ways to encourage this engagement.

Those who know me personally know I’m a HUGE HUGGER! These last two years have really torn my soul out as hugs are few and far between…but I’ve recently introduced the below commands into my channel, as I enjoy using this in one of my favorite streamers channel, I’ve been ‘hugged’ virtually over a 100 times by one person!!

Use these three lines of code in the response field in Stream Elements Custom Commands, naming each one the bolded command below.

  • !hug ${sender} just hugged ${touser}. This user has been hugged ${count ${touser}} times.
  • !slap ${sender} just slapped ${touser}. This user has been slapped ${count ${touser}} times.
  • !love ${sender} and ${1:} are ${random.1-100}.${random.1-9}% in love

Ensure you test these out before you stream by either opening up your OBS and using the Stream Elements chat panel, or by visiting your Twitch channel and typing into the chat. If you happen to get an error when testing out your commands, feel free to change your command slightly by adding a 1 at the end, Example !hug1

1. Load your Adobe Premiere Pro project

2. Open the Export Settings window

3. Select QuickTime format

4. Enable the alpha channel render

5. Export your video and enjoy!

Original Article

I’ve also included an extremely helpful video walkthrough below!

Hope this helps in creating a more engaging environment in your stream space!

– #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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