Saturday Spam – Discord Scams – Vol 12

Tuesday at Midnight PST, a weird message was sent out on my Supporters discord. This discord is meant for those who support me in by being a Patreon or a Twitch Subscriber, which means it had to have been sent by someone I had personally added. Their picture was the same, however, their username was changed to one with symbols, and steam profile didn’t match anyone I knew. (I’ve inked out the name and pic for privacy)

I’m not gonna lie, I clicked the link, where it asked me to log in to steam. As I was about to, I realized the link itself was spelt incorrectly, meaning it was forwarding me to what looked like a steam profile, but was indeed NOT. It was also odd it was asking me to sign in, as I was just on steam and was already logged in. And even more suspicious, I then realized the message was blasted across all of my channels.

I deleted the posts, then sent out a message notifying everyone of this scam:

Apologies @everyone! it appears a scammer has made their way into this discord, whether this message was intentional or they were hacked, please do not click on links that are mis-spelt! This is how hackers steal information and potentially use your account to hack others. Much love – stay safe out there –


I did some quick research and found a few articles describing this phenomenon, I feel this one best describes what I saw Tuesday.

I then received a message from this friend on another platform stating they had been hacked and to please not click on any links etc, confirming my conclusion.

Stay safe out there friends!!! – SarahTonin

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