Sundae-Tonin – Vol 14

With all of the confusion, hardships, threats of war, war, the state of this world, where governments and media turn brother against brother, sister against sister, dividing families with differences of beliefs, where narratives provide nothing but negativity and sadness, it is hard to not get caught up in all of this and feel lost in depression and despair. I feel it is my duty as SarahTonin to remind you all that we have a duty to our fellow humans to provide a positive experience to those around us. I present you a track I came across a few days ago that calms my heart and mind, a track that brings peace in an otherwise turbulous world. I hope you too can find solace in these sounds, as music is medicine to our vibrational being’s souls.

I also encourage you all to take a moment and think about the people around you. Do you know anyone that you could better reconcile your relationships with? Is there something within yourself you can work on to make your light shine brighter? Is there something in your life you need to let go of to leave negativity behind? We can only fix what’s within our power, so if we focus on this, maybe, just maybe, we can raise a higher vibration around us, shining out to the rest of the world. Why be part of the problem, when we can be a part of the solution?

I come from a background that allowed for little difference in one’s opinion. Now, my firm belief is ‘Life is art. You should treat everything you do as a masterpiece-and remember to respect that in others. Everyone has their own expression of life, and we need to be reminded not to create our expression based on someone’s idea of what it should be.’

BE YOU – But also, allow others to be themselves. We each have our own path, and to force our ideas on someone else, only results in pain and destruction of friendships. You can catch more flies with honey then vinegar, and you can encourage more people to follow the path of light if you are being your light, not stomping all over them for having a different shade of light.

-Stay Smiling – Much Love – SarahTonin

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