Crescent Park Market


2507 128th St, Surrey, BC V4A 3W4

This quaint little corner shop is run by a sweet couple who have a smile for each one of their customers that can be seen even through a mask! They have everything you need on the fly, such as fresh veggies, bacon, canned goodies, snacks, ice cream, candy, flowers and so much more!! Visit them today!

Shutterstock Set – Bee’-lieve!


Watching a bee pollinate stink-weed, this little guy let me get up close and personal! Not a care in the world except getting that pollen, no worries of the giant towering over him, there’s a job to do and I’m gonna get it done! This little photo-shoot reminded me to believe in myself, to not second guess, or worry what others will think, and just do.

I hope you look forward to seeing more of my perspective as much as I like sharing it with you!!

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

-Suzi Kassem