Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods

Minecraft Dreamatorium Server
Rules of Engagement

Please read each rule carefully.

Server Rules:
1. No Stealing.
– Animals, Crops, Blocks, Do not steal anything at all!

2. No Griefing.
– This means anything destructive to the server.

3. Mods.
-If you’re interested in a Mod, email freyja91t@gmail.com, we’ll consider it and get back to you!
– This server is meant for mods only, cheating will not be tolerated! 

4. Non-PvP Server.
– Unless it’s agreed upon by both players beforehand, you should never strike another player.

5. Be Respectful.
– No being mean, rude, derogatory or belittling others, No Inflamed Arguments.
– Do Not Harass Players or OP’s with excessive questions and requests.
-(TeamSpeak included)

6. Respect Your Neighbors Space.
– When claiming land out in the open, never build within 100 blocks of a marked plot or territory. If you desire to build close to someone, communicate with the owner(s) about a respectful distance from them before you commence building. 
– Do not build below another players property. If they claimed land, assume from sky to bedrock is theirs as well.

7. No Buying And Selling Land.
– All territories belong to the server. Land should never be sold. It is free to be claimed in a reasonable fashion.

8. No server advertising.
– Playing on other servers is fine, but do not advertise them on ours.

Everything in-game is Recorded. If anyone violates any rules, action will be taken.

Game Etiquette

-If you have a claimed area, make sure you add noticeable signs stating your In Game Name.
– Unless you have express permission, don’t explore other peoples’ builds – wait until they’re in-game and ask for a tour.

If you agree to abide by each rule listed above, please email freyja91t@gmail.com with Subject “Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods” and body, “I agree”. 

If anyone needs clarification or disagree’s with any of these rules, email me at freyja91t@gmail.com

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