Tuesday Tips – New Minecraft update farms no go – Vol 10

If any of you reading this love building farms in Minecraft, but haven’t played the newest update (1.18) then you might find this information useful, even if it may restructure things already in place. Axolotl farmsNo this doesn’t mean you can’t farm Axolotl, you’ll just have to relocate it! They now only spawn in the […]


Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods

Minecraft Dreamatorium Server Rules of Engagement Please read each rule carefully. Server Rules:1. No Stealing.– Animals, Crops, Blocks, Do not steal anything at all! 2. No Griefing.– This means anything destructive to the server. 3. Mods.-If you’re interested in a Mod, email freyja91t@gmail.com, we’ll consider it and get back to you!– This server is meant […]