2020 Exploration Updates – Now InstaScenes

As I step into this new year, I feel my effort can be better spent by using InstaGram’s built in features of Stories. Starting today, you’ll start seeing updates of where I’m at and what I’m doing, a quicker way of keeping you in the know, and an easier way for me to keep track of where I’ve been!

Any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated as I embark on this new adventure, one that has encouraged me to get out more and show off my beautiful town, and hopefully, maybe someday, the world!


Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods

Minecraft Dreamatorium Server
Rules of Engagement

Please read each rule carefully.

Server Rules:
1. No Stealing.
– Animals, Crops, Blocks, Do not steal anything at all!

2. No Griefing.
– This means anything destructive to the server.

3. Mods.
-If you’re interested in a Mod, email freyja91t@gmail.com, we’ll consider it and get back to you!
– This server is meant for mods only, cheating will not be tolerated! 

4. Non-PvP Server.
– Unless it’s agreed upon by both players beforehand, you should never strike another player.

5. Be Respectful.
– No being mean, rude, derogatory or belittling others, No Inflamed Arguments.
– Do Not Harass Players or OP’s with excessive questions and requests.
-(TeamSpeak included)

6. Respect Your Neighbors Space.
– When claiming land out in the open, never build within 100 blocks of a marked plot or territory. If you desire to build close to someone, communicate with the owner(s) about a respectful distance from them before you commence building. 
– Do not build below another players property. If they claimed land, assume from sky to bedrock is theirs as well.

7. No Buying And Selling Land.
– All territories belong to the server. Land should never be sold. It is free to be claimed in a reasonable fashion.

8. No server advertising.
– Playing on other servers is fine, but do not advertise them on ours.

Everything in-game is Recorded. If anyone violates any rules, action will be taken.

Game Etiquette

-If you have a claimed area, make sure you add noticeable signs stating your In Game Name.
– Unless you have express permission, don’t explore other peoples’ builds – wait until they’re in-game and ask for a tour.

If you agree to abide by each rule listed above, please email freyja91t@gmail.com with Subject “Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods” and body, “I agree”. 

If anyone needs clarification or disagree’s with any of these rules, email me at freyja91t@gmail.com

To join this server you must be a Patreon! Become one today!

Tribute to Colin Baker

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a MAJOR Dr. Who fan, have been watching the series since I was 5, as my father’s love of the show rubbed off on most of my family.  I’ve recently been re-watching the old series, and have just reached Colin Baker. Reminiscing, I did some nostalgic research, and I’ve just discovered his IMDB photo is that of Colin and ‘Peri’ (Nicola Bryant), so I thought I’d take a minute and do a little tribute to the Actor who changed Dr. Who forever. (P.S. Spoilers!)

My all-time favorite actor of the original seasons is – you guessed it, Colin Baker, followed by Tom Baker, and the father in law of our beloved David Tenant, Peter Davidson. Not personally at all dull, he narrowly avoided an early death during the wartime blitz when a piece of flying shrapnel just missed him, embedding itself in the side of his cot.

After 3 years of studying acting, he was told he should try a different career, but showed that through perseverance, that one could succeed. He landed several shows, most memorable was “Paul Merroney” in the BBC1 series The Brothers (1972) this one in particular gaining him the title,  ‘A man people loved to hate’. He married his on-screen wife, but later it ended in divorced. Baker later married actress Marion Wyatt.

Before viewers were to see him as The Doctor, they would first see him as Maxil” in the 1963 story, “Arc of Infinity”.  (I definitely remember being confused as a child, as to how two people could be the same person…)

Between this and shortly before Baker took the role of the Doctor, disaster struck. He and his wife suffered the loss of their baby son, Jack, to cot death syndrome. His kind heart would show through the rest of his acting career, as he donated many personal appearances to charity to help with research for this disease.

Nicola’s opening scene with him is still one of my top favorite moments of Dr. Who, as you watch him, for the first time, turn on his own.  Following his initial introduction on screen,  you will watch with uncertainty as he struggles to keep everything under control, flashes of unknown in his eyes – a new side of the doctor. Then, a knee jerking scene that sets his spiral, cracking under the pressure of so many regenerations, and from that episode, he is never the same. ‘I am the Doctor whether you like it or not!’  While with Peter Davidson, you see his gentleness long-suffering, yet becoming tired, wishing there was more good in the world, Colin’s forceful acting style brought forward with ease the qualities of the brazen new Doctor, who just isn’t taking anymore shit!  Bumptious, melodramatic, and above all stubborn, this regeneration brings a righteous anger to his soul, and by the end of the first full episode The Twin Dilema 1984″, you will see his role as a “doctor” become more of an “enforcer”.

Colin’s introduction to Doctor Who was to spice up the mix a bit, and he hoped to outrun his predecessor Tom, but this was short-lived. Termed as the ‘Dark’ Doctor, critics jumped on this erratic behavior.  (Interesting article I found here)

But underneath all the hustle and bustle, he still truly really was and IS the doctor, and as he settles into his new regeneration, you see the kindness still in his eyes, yet shrouded now by skepticism and experience, something many of us truly can relate to.

On that note, here’s a treat I was shown last year, for the 50th year anniversary episode that Colin, Sylvester, Peter, David and Paul Macgann put together, you can see what truly made them chosen to be ‘Doctors’, just a delight!

Trailer: WIKI – The Five(Ish) Doctors_Reboot

(Watch Here)