Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods

Minecraft Dreamatorium Server
Rules of Engagement

Please read each rule carefully.

Server Rules:
1. No Stealing.
– Animals, Crops, Blocks, Do not steal anything at all!

2. No Griefing.
– This means anything destructive to the server.

3. Mods.
-If you’re interested in a Mod, email freyja91t@gmail.com, we’ll consider it and get back to you!
– This server is meant for mods only, cheating will not be tolerated! 

4. Non-PvP Server.
– Unless it’s agreed upon by both players beforehand, you should never strike another player.

5. Be Respectful.
– No being mean, rude, derogatory or belittling others, No Inflamed Arguments.
– Do Not Harass Players or OP’s with excessive questions and requests.
-(TeamSpeak included)

6. Respect Your Neighbors Space.
– When claiming land out in the open, never build within 100 blocks of a marked plot or territory. If you desire to build close to someone, communicate with the owner(s) about a respectful distance from them before you commence building. 
– Do not build below another players property. If they claimed land, assume from sky to bedrock is theirs as well.

7. No Buying And Selling Land.
– All territories belong to the server. Land should never be sold. It is free to be claimed in a reasonable fashion.

8. No server advertising.
– Playing on other servers is fine, but do not advertise them on ours.

Everything in-game is Recorded. If anyone violates any rules, action will be taken.

Game Etiquette

-If you have a claimed area, make sure you add noticeable signs stating your In Game Name.
– Unless you have express permission, don’t explore other peoples’ builds – wait until they’re in-game and ask for a tour.

If you agree to abide by each rule listed above, please email freyja91t@gmail.com with Subject “Minecraft – Dreamatorium Server ROE – Mods” and body, “I agree”. 

If anyone needs clarification or disagree’s with any of these rules, email me at freyja91t@gmail.com

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DeathTrap Co-Op Play-through With Khazzad!

My partner and I take great pride in working together to complete a game, whether it be figuring out which strategies work best in a puzzle game, or having each others back in a shooter, and as this one has a sweet combination of both makes it a very appealing game! We decided to make it our first fully streamed Co-op game, and hope to make more in the future!

Fight alone or with a partner or two to keep the horde from flooding your gates with a variety of mystical, mechanical and summoning traps. 

As you progress through the game, the levels repeat but the traps are shuffled around, some being replaced entirely with level specific ‘special’ traps.

This playlist is still incomplete, expect daily updates till you see the final level posted. 🙂

Watch live on evenings and weekends here at: https://www.twitch.tv/freyja91t

I hope you enjoy the play-through as much as we are!

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Misc Videos

*Please Note* Strong language is used quite frequently, viewer discretion is advised.