Tuesday Tips – Making a Perfect French Press Coffee – Vol 6

When visiting my sister this summer, she threw me this little tip, which I’ve been using EVER SINCE and let me tell you – THIS MAKES ANY COFFEE TASTE AMAZING!!!!

‘Weigh out 60g of coffee and 33 oz of hot water. Then let it sit for 5 min then scoop off the coffee into the garbage then let it sit for another 5. Then just place the cap on but don’t press. Pour gently!’

So basically, if you don’t like measuring via ounces, you’ll fill up your French Press a half inch from the top, then put about 6 TBSP’s of Coffee grounds. You can use a spoon to scoop the grounds, but personally I use a little sieve that allows me to scoop the grounds out with barely any falling down!

Much loves – #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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