Christmas Coffee Spice

Tastes Like: A warm Christmas Morning brew



Other Items Required:

  1. Mortar & Pestle
  2. Mixing Bowl
  3. French Press


  1. Gather Ingredients
  2. Using a mortar and pestle grind each ingredient then put in mixing bowl
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Test out! – For every cup of water, put a tablespoon of tea mix before putting in grounds
  5. Wait 1 minute, then add your coffee grounds.
  6. (For tips on how to make a perfect brew, check out THIS post!)

Ready in 15 minutes

Serves 5-10 people (Per batch)


When grinding ingredients, take care not to grind too fine as it will leave a layer of silt in the bottom of your tea cup.



I drink black coffee, as I believe I should enjoy the flavor of something without MASKING it. I also have an aversion to milk products in my coffee, all thanks to my wonderful father, who used to leave his coffee on the counter when the milk was sour, and his five year old daughter found it, aka me, and drank it….bleh…I thought coffee was GROSS till I had it black lol! I told him years later I had tried his coffee on the counter and that’s why I didn’t like milk in my coffee, and he started LAUGHING then explaining why he would have left it there….

That being said, I do enjoy a nice cream in coffee every once in a blue moon, as I think it brings forward a nutty flavor, and accents coffee perfectly, but if it’s slightly old, I can’t handle it, and I also get tired of it quick, so it’s a ‘Treat’.

Now, believe it or not, I sometimes get tired of drinking black coffee all the time, so I like to spice it up with a little bit of flavor! I was talking about this one day to a friend at work and wishing I had some nutmeg for my coffee – the next day, he showed up with a little bottle of nutmeg all done up with a lil ribbon! I felt so special and blessed, and I’d keep that in my work bag for the days I needed it most.

I continued to try other things with my brew, the above recipe is one of my all-time favorite combinations! It also does combine nicely with milk/cream & sugar, however, I do suggest you try it black first…

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