Tuesday Tips – Waste Not Want Not! – Vol 7

So remember last week, I let you in on the tip my sister gave me in regards to making a perfect cup of coffee? Remember those coffee grounds we scoop out of the French Press?

Set them aside and let them cool, then add these grounds to your plants soil. (Be sure to mix it with the soil, as it can be a bit harsh for the plants directly).

If you’re looking to make a bunch of potting soil, then spread the grounds out on a cookie sheet and let them dry out, then put them into an old coffee can and keep collecting every day till full!

If you don’t let all the moisture evaporate, you’ll see mold will grow inside of this can, or it may become stinky, so ensure the grounds are dry, or try this next tip.

Mix the grounds once cooled into an open pot 1/4 full of dry soil. This will allow them to dry off naturally, without the smell which may happen from being enclosed.

Much loves – #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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