12 Teas Of Christmas – A Holiday Tea Pack!

On the First day of December, Trendyholm announced to me, 12 Teas of Christmas, a product of Tonin Tea!

Whilst many of us know the carol which gets stuck in most of our heads around this time, many do not know when the 12 days start! Tradition states that the 12 days of Christmas actually starts on the 25th and goes through January 6th. The reason? We’ll have to back up a bit and explain why Christmas exists – Catholics absorbed a ‘pagan’ holiday of Saturnalia which runs from December 17th – 25th, and said Christ was born on December 25th (which according to records he was born in spring not the winter!) They then marked the 6th of January as the day that the Magi (Three Wise Men) visited, and called the period in between, the 12 days of Christmas!

That makes this Tea Pack a PERFECT gift for the tea lover in your family, allowing you to ween yourself off the holiday cheer and break into a new year ‘Pinkie’s out!’ And as a Christmas bonus, if you’re buying it for that special someone and want to share in the magic, you’ll get a deal! Simply put 2 products in your cart, send me an email @ Trendyholm@gmail.com and request your code! 

‘WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I HAVE A QUESTION!’ You say – ‘You don’t have 12 teas in your shop?!’ You’re correct! On that note, till the 12th of December, I’ll be releasing a new product to the store, including 4 limited edition Christmas Teas….So you can either buy now and have a bit of a mystery, or wait and see if you like what’s coming down the line!

I’ve posted this product to my site, and I’ll be updating it with photos once I’ve released all the mystery Christmas teas!

Click Here to Buy Now!

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