Tuesday Tips – New Minecraft update farms no go – Vol 10

If any of you reading this love building farms in Minecraft, but haven’t played the newest update (1.18) then you might find this information useful, even if it may restructure things already in place.

Axolotl farms
No this doesn’t mean you can’t farm Axolotl, you’ll just have to relocate it! They now only spawn in the lush cave biomes, unlike the 1.17 version where it could be found in open waters

Drowned farms
We all like having shiny tridents right?? Well the newest update, which put bedrock at y -64, increased the spawn space for these creatures, making it harder to snag yourself one of those sought after items.

Glow Squid Farms
This was one of my most favorite additions to Minecraft! The ability to have glowing things in real life translates over to game world, and I find myself gathering each sac I find! But if you’ve built your farm below Y30, you won’t be collecting any more of these shinies…

I hope this information was helpful, as always, click here for the source of the information!

– #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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