Tuesday Tips – How to Fix Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine Lvl 7 – Vol 11

If you tuned into my last Indiana Jones stream (which happened on Friday instead of Thursday due to my internet being down!) You’ll know that the game froze as it loaded into level 7 – and if you’ve ever played this game before, you know that this glitch happens and you think you’ve got to replay the entire game and hope it fixes itself when you get to this point (Spoilers IT DOESN’T!) or download a save off the net. (Which is what my family had to do many many years ago, we always kept the save on hand in case this happened, but it really sucked because you’d loose all your personal progress!)

HOWEVER – some amazing soul out there, figured out what was wrong, and provided an ACTUAL FIX!

The first fix I found was to load up your machete, then load up your ‘Urgon’s Part’ and walk through the door as it was a loading weapon graphic issue – however this fix didn’t work for me.

The Second fix I found was as follows:

  • Find cog file TEM_introCut.cog in this place: F:\…\Valve\steamapps\common\Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine\Resource\Cog
  • Edit this file in notepad++ and find line 171.
  • Add specific line in TEM_introCut.cog file line, and it should look like in example below:
    • Original:
      • # draw imp#1
      • SelectWeapon(player, 14);
      • #SelectWeaponWait(player, 14)
    • Fixed:
      • # draw imp#1
      • player = GetLocalPlayerThing();
      • SelectWeapon(player, 14);
      • #SelectWeaponWait(player, 14);

This was a SUPER EASY Fix to implement, thank you to Debosy for providing this fix in the steam community chats! If you love this game as much as I do, it will be a welcome relief to continue playing!

– #Stayawesome – SarahTonin

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