2021 SarahTonin – freyja91t PREMIERE LINK

Whilst there was some mild hiccups with getting this video online today, the stars have aligned and I’ve got this video up! Premiere is set for 2 PM PST!!!! WOOHOO I managed to finish this in the first week of 2022, premiering it on the first day of the second full week of 2022!! And […]



18565 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3S 8E7   I normally do my own oil changes, having been burned by several places in the past, the latest was a dealership, ever since that my oil pan has leaked. I didn’t feel like doing my oil change in the cold this time, and I was recommended this […]


Sundae-Tonin – Vol 8

JUST BECAUSE A CHAPTER DIDN’T FINISH THE WAY I WANTED IT TO, IT’S STILL THE END OF THE CHAPTER. This means – You can open a new chapter! – Unknown, last bit by SarahTonin I’ve always thought the above statement was so uplifting – but unfinished. I’ve added a little bit to it in hopes […]