Cellunlocker.com – Automation Takes Over Another Service

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having automated services! But when your site sports customer support Mon – Fri 10am to 6pm PST and after a week of trying to contact you with no response, I’m a bit pissed, especially since their price has gone up by another 5 dollars since the last time I used this site, plus Canadian to US exchange rate.

It all started on February 22nd, when I got the IMIE wrong by one number,
(yes NEWB move) but I IMMEDIATELY sent in a message correcting my error.

If there were real people behind this service, it would have been dealt with latest Tuesday morning, yet it’s now Mar 2nd, and I’ve yet to hear anything besides an automated message that shot out stating I had the wrong IMIE, of which I’ve also responded to. This didn’t help either, as the ticket was closed at the same time.

Closed Order

I tried all five methods of contact, 3 email addresses, 1 phone number, and sent two help tickets within the account I opened to use this service. (The account option is also a new feature, allowing you to track phones you’ve previously unlocked.)

General: info@cellphoneunlocker.com

Sales: sales@cellphoneunlocker.com

Support: support@cellphoneunlocker.com

Phone Number: 1-866-957-6782

I have been super happy with their services in the past, I’ve actually unlocked my last 3 phones through them, so I gave them almost a full work week (leaving me without a phone for that time period) before using another service and deciding to write this article, and all I have to say is they not only failed me, they disappointed myself and every person I got excited about their service.

I left 4 messages stating that they had 24 hours before this would be reported to the Better Business Bureau, but to no avail. I now realize that this is an empty threat, as I went to go put in a complaint, but since they have no address, and aren’t registered with the bureau, I can’t.

So I uploaded this to sitejabber, in hopes someone will be saved the same trouble I have gone through.

*UPDATE* – March 5th 2019
It appears that there is someone manning the support desk, however my former comments on their disappointing service still stands. On March 5th, I received the below email.

Email received March 5th

Beware of Fraudulent Instagram ‘Ambassador Offers’

For many of us, the ideal situation would be to work from home – I sure know that this is what I’m trying to achieve! But one must be aware of today’s scams. That enticing job offer may look to good to be true, and while most are aware to stay clear of sites sporting a fee to get started, many are unaware of other schemes offering free product or discounted items, but have hidden fees such as:

  • Given a discounted code to use but items arrive damaged or broken
  • Given a code to give others to use, but the items are sent broken to your purchasers and you’re required to foot the bill

The Better Business Bureau put together a report about phony offers, and has created a database for those who wish to record spam, a very helpful tool.

Here are a few articles in regards to the topic, always do your research and stay safe my friends!




Searching with Aliexpress

So you’ve found a really cheap item, or read my article “Don’t Pay Marked-Up Shipping or Prices”!! Let’s make sure you’re getting the best deal!

First, Use Google’s Reverse Image Search.


Drag your mouse over the most descriptive part of the item name, right click, copy, or CTRL+C. If you’re using WISH and there is a login menu over-top of what you want to see, read this post for how to bypass.


Go to https://www.aliexpress.com/ and click into the search bar. Right click paste or CTRL+V into the search bar.


When you press search, you may not find the exact description – Never fear this is all part of the process! Scroll through the results, and try the searches that look like they match.


For example, I selected the top most search.


I then filter my results by Price –


– and select Free Shipping. (Without this option, you will see prices that will seem cheaper, but when you add in the shipping, costs just as much as the ones with Free shipping. If you can’t find the item with Free Shipping ON, deselect this option.)


Now that you’ve found the cheapest item, select the color, size and quantity. Many suppliers now include sizing info, but if this option is not available, many suppliers have a chart at the bottom of their item or on their main page, so be sure to check there. Make sure it fits!


Then you’ll want to ensure there isn’t a mobile deal available!


Sometimes these deals can cut the price in half –


– or vice versa as in this case, so be sure if if you’re searching on your phone, to check a computer before completing your order!


There have been reports of people having their credit card info skimmed when using this site. Ever since their newest update, this appears to have stopped, as the last news report/ blog article I can find was early 2017. I have never experienced this, possibly as I check all suppliers comments and reviews. Use your brain, does it look sketchy? It probably is!

One last note, the prices in the tutorial screenshots above are in US funds, except the last one which was on the phone app, which I had defaulted to Canadian Funds. To change this on a browser simply hover over the ‘Ships to’ menu and select the correct Currency.


Happy Searching!!!

Don’t Pay Marked-Up Shipping or Prices!

I know you’ve all seen the ads for Rose-gal, Wish, BlueCrate, ROX Jewelery and the sweet deals of Amazon Prime,  and I hate to be the one to break it to you – but – all these sites ship you goods straight from the manufacturer from Ali-express. Then they charge you extra funds and more shipping to do it, even when most of Ali-express’s suppliers offer FREE SHIPPING. That’s right, FREE SHIPPING! That’s why it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to arrive.

How do you know this Sarah? What is the base for these accusations?? First off, I used to run a clothing business back in 2013-2015 called Trendy-Holm – Freyja’s Fashion. I wouldn’t jack up the prices by 60-120% like clothing stores in town, I’d mark up things with a finders fee was super upfront about everything I sold – Probably not good for building a massive business, but I won’t swindle people. I’d not only sell my goods online, but took them to several fairs here in town. I loved having the social interaction, and to watch the glee on people’s faces when they were able to buy a wardrobe for under 100 bucks!

Then these sites started cropping up, and I’d see pictures from Ali-express cropped to chop out the logos etc. I started warning people, but the gravity of the situation doesn’t hit home until I show them the prices on Ali-express. Just yesterday I had a friend looking for hair pieces, and they were selling them on amazon in 3 packs for $23.78 plus shipping as even with prime it’s only free after $25. So, after checking Ali-express, she bought 6 pieces last night for $22.67 US – $30.64 Canadian. A quick search on Wish revealed more expensive pieces.

Here’s more examples:

https://bluecrate.com/products/kebabzi?aff=45 – $27.99

Aliexpress – $11.42!

My favorite coat is supposedly ORIGINALLY 258 bucks according to WISH, but I have an ENTIRE page of search results on Ali-express all under 30 dollars.

Don’t just take my word for it, copy paste part of the description from any of those other sites into Ali-express. Some items on Amazon are legit and come from known suppliers such as Sony etc, but let’s see who you’re actually buying them from 🙂

PS: I know this site can be a bit daunting, but once you know how to use it, you can find even better deals then your first search. For tips and tricks on using Ali-express to get the best deals, check my article Searching with Aliexpress.

P.P.S www.medouce.com is another site I’ve run across that is mimicking the same poor practice.