Artist – Spotlight – STOOSHERMAN!


– I’m putting on the spotlight this INCREDIBLEY CREATIVE COSPLAYER – STOOSHERMAN!!!

Also known as Glue Gun Stanley, this cosplayer is known for his in-depth costumes that look utterly SMASHING!


Stoosh started cosplaying in 2012 originally focusing on costumes from the 80’s (Skeletor, Mumm-ra, etc.) expanding to basically anything he was into or thinks is cool.

He’s all about costuming on a budget and keeps his costumes under $125 Canadian.

He can be found on the Nerdist, Reddit, TheChive,, Kotaku, Buzzfeed, Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Bioware, The Replica Prop Forum, UPROXX, Movie Pilot, Comics Alliance, Cosplay Culture, Share My Cosplay, iCosplay Magazine, Cosplay Fever, Men vs.Cosplay and more!

To support, like his cosplays via his socials below, keep an eye out for him at cons, and if you’re ever on the hunt for a build on budget – you’ve found the right guy! Be sure to check out his panel ‘Stoosh Cosplay Cosplay on a Budget’ on Friday at 5 PM at the Salloum room!




P.S. I’m SUPER honored to be a cosplay judge at Kelowna Fan Experience with Stoosh and Ethereal Ashie! Come Join the fun July 15th-17th 2022!

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