I share with you what I discover when I delve deep into topics!

Salt Scam

Some days, I like a cup of warm salt water, and on one of these such days, I used some ‘Himalayan Salt’. But as the pink dissolved into a film on the top and the salt itself dissolved layer of particles and dirt in the bottom, I started doing some research. I came across this […]


Beware of CRA Scam

Hello my dear internet friends, If you ever receive a phone call from the CRA with an automated voice asking you to give them personal info or call them, make sure you know it’s them! A quick google search will identify the number that has called you, and better yet, go to the CRA’s website […]


Searching with Aliexpress

So you’ve found a really cheap item, or read my article “Don’t Pay Marked-Up Shipping or Prices”!! Let’s make sure you’re getting the best deal! First, Use Google’s Reverse Image Search. Drag your mouse over the most descriptive part of the item name, right click, copy, or CTRL+C. If you’re using WISH and there is […]


Beware Calling Back Missed Calls!

Hello my dear internet friends, WATCH CALLING BACK MISSED CALLS! I just saw my phone light up and was waiting for a text or notification, but instead, about 8 seconds later it said ‘Missed call’. My standard rule, unless someone leaves me a voicemail or sends a text, is, don’t call them back. I’ve had […]


Dakota Boots

Hey construction friends, Did you know that Dakota Boots are made by a different company than Dakota Outerwear? In the past four years my boyfriend Todd has gone through three pairs of $250 quad-comfort Dakota’s, and all three have had the sole separate from the rest of the boot. He wears Dakota jackets and rain-gear […]