Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (Burnaby)

Stayed overnight on business, staff extremely friendly, everything clean though night manager felt the need to throw his weight around. I visited some friends in a hotel room two floors up, and one of my friends has a hearing problem so he talks quite loud. They phoned the room, to which my friend answered, and as you could hear the lisp in his voice, he backed down immediately, but not 3 minutes later, we heard banging on the door, and my friend was rudely chewed out for being loud, this altercation once again ending with him taking it back and leaving. I left immediately following, as did another lady who was with me, who proceeded to have to listen all night to a couple slam the wall next to her. Later that night, a note was slipped under the door stating my friend was to pay for all rooms that had disturbed sleep! The next day, speaking with the day manager, nothing came of it, so the stress put forward by idle threats was unneeded.

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