Tonin Tea

Welcome to the Tonin Tea Home Page!

Tonin Tea is a line of product within my Trendyholm Creations. Most ingredients are locally handpicked, then mixed and test tasted by SarahTonin!

I believe in sharing the information I’ve accumulated instead of hoarding it to myself, so click the ‘Recipe/Ingredient List’ link below the Tea name to not only see what’s in it, but the recipe itself!! The only tea that I don’t give out the recipe to, is the Super Secret Wake Up Tea available to my Patreon’s only. I don’t sell this one, but become a Patron today and I’ll be sure to send you the recipe and a packet!

To buy a Tea, click on the word ‘Tea’ in the titles below!
Teas are sold at 50 Cents a Tablespoon,, which makes 1-2 cups of tea.

Fruity cALM TEA

(Recipe/Ingredient List)


(Recipe/Ingredient List)


(Recipe/Ingredient List)

Super Secret Wake Up Tea

You must be a Patreon to have access to this Tea Recipe, I do not sell this one, rather it is given as a gift when you sign up as a Patreon
(Recipe/Ingredient List)

Latisa Tea

(Recipe/Ingredient List)

Carrot Cake Tea

(Recipe/Ingredient List)

Sumac Lemonade (Tea)

(Recipe/Ingredient List)


(Recipe/Ingredient List)


(Recipe/Ingredient List)

Grimm Tea

(Recipe/Ingredient List)

These teas are seasonal, so if you see your favorite is out of stock, please be sure to DM me to reserve from the next batch I make!

Click HERE for the story of how this came to be!

There are very few ingredients in these teas which are not hand gathered by myself, however, ingredients which are purchased in store are marked with *, and those which aren’t gathered by me personally are marked with ** in each tea ingredients list. My plan is to grow and harvest each one of these in the future, some plants take some time to get started such as cinnamon, so I’ll update each one of these as this happens!

P.S. If any of you do make these teas yourself, I’d love to see it! Please Tag or PM our INSTAGRAM to share your experience with us!

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