That’s right!!! I got my first official offer!! Thank you to all who have liked my art and continue to support me through your kind comments!

When I first got the offer, my heart hit the roof! Then my inner skeptical self told me I should do some research

ROX JEWELRY sells handcrafted jewelry made by gals in Texas, the founder is someone who ended up going through a major physical trauma and after finding no hope in doctors, helped herself, and now helps others! Through this site, I’ve discovered she’s also a part of ‘A Moment of Magic’ , a “nonprofit organization that allows college-age students to volunteer at children’s hospitals and social service institutions to provide creative programming.”

After realizing that this was indeed a legit offer, I signed up, and am patiently awaited the reply!

I received my code within 24 hours, so now officially SarahtoninROX! Use this code to get 15% off a ROX JEWELRY purchase 🙂

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