Throwback Thursday – New EDIT OUT NOW! – Vol 5

Happy Thursday all!

Freshly posted on my Instagram, River Song is one of my all-time FAVORITE cosplays! I was contacted by a fellow cosplayer to create a shoutout video for his page, giving my an excuse to get all dolled up and take some amazing shots!


Now, I know, I’ve made multiple posts about River Song, IE Melody Pond, but as I’m sure most of you are aware, she’s one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Dr. Who companion, with a story shrouded in mystery, seeded with sorrow and peppered in happiness. While I was looking for something to use as a background in this photo, I ran across this article which lists her outfits in ORDER! I once again teared up going through her life story, thinking about the how she must keep so many secrets until the day he doesn’t remember her anymore…

I hope you enjoy this edit as much as I enjoyed creating it! (For more behind the scenes on this photo and many other spoilers, become a Patron today!)

Hope you enjoy!

Much Love – SarahTonin

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